Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Copycat Cafe: White Hot Chocolate

Since my days have been looking like this lately....

I've been doing a lot of this....
Carrying a lit candle & a book around with me everywhere I go in the house and living off of hot chocolate.
I've been craving my favorite cafe's white hot chocolate. 
So I decided to try to make my own with the leftover white chocolate from the Oreo Balls.
My first inclination was to just wing it but I almost always regret such impulsive behavior. So I looked up recipes and many called for:

(What does egg do for a drink? I love eggnog but because of all the horror stories of drinking someone's homemade recipe I rather not put egg in my hot chocolate). 

 Cream and Half & Half
(Now I thought half & half was cream.  You know half cream and half milk.  Am I wrong?  Why would you put both in?)

 Vanilla extract and sugar
(That seemed liked overkill since white chocolate is already vanilla flavored and so sweet.)

So the first time I made the white hot chocolate it was waaaaay too sweet and that's saying something coming from the Sugar Queen herself.

The second time I didn't use vanilla or sugar and it was perfect...better than Third St. Cafe even!

1 square of white chocolate melted in the microwave
3/4 mug of milk (I even used Skim) heated in the microwave
Combine and stir well in mug.
A couple of dashes of cinnamon (This is the secret! It wouldn't be anywhere near as good without the cinnamon! I'm glad I saw it one of the recipes and remembered to try it.)

Next time I'm thinking about even going more adventurous and trying it with cayenne pepper or chili pepper!

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