Sunday, February 7, 2010

Round Two:Oreo Balls

I am so very pleased with them!

The secrets of my success:
Slow down: I made the Oreo Balls one night and dipped them in the chocolate the next day.  I gave them a lot of time in the fridge.

Attention to detail: I used our brand new blender instead of the mixer, which made the dough more fine and less chunky. Last time I wasn't sure if I had used reduced fat Oreos and/or cream cheese.  This time I ensured there was no skimping on the fat! I also melted the chocolate in the microwave (w/o shortening), the heat from using the stove kept softening the oreo balls too much last time.

Patience: I have quite a bit of patience when it comes to children but next to none in the kitchen.  I am easily frustrated which usually leads to rushed, sloppy work.  It took all my calming techniques, that I teach my clients in the therapy room, to finish this project. (Kind of sad or ridiculous, isn't it?)

Thanks for all the help and support!

Since they're for a Super Bowl party I made some of them "footballs."

This is another one of my favorites:
I <3 the Colts!

Even though I'm just a trainee, I still need an assistant...
and I'm teaching her early in the way she should go...wherever the Oreos are.

(Have you ever seen such crazy hair?!)

So what does a DGT (domestic goddess in training) earn when she passes a test?

Heros earn medals. Angels earn wings. 
Do DGT's earn golden spoons?
1 spoon down, 15 more to go.  I believe a true DG wouldn't even consider entertaining without two full sets of golden spoons, right?

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  1. These look awesome Esther! I'm glad they worked for you this time.